Akito Nara was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1988. Largely self-taught, he briefly attended the School of Visual Arts when he first arrived to New York City in 2013. Honing his skills in his studio in Brooklyn, Nara sourced inspiration from many greats, from Picasso and Dubuffet to Osamu Tekuza and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Nara’s art practice is varied and complex, with a touch of romanticism; Nara’s practice is difficult to tie into a single conceptual framework but rather speaks to the universal quest for self-discovery. 


Akito Nara paints abstract works, evoking the likenesses of creatures, persons, and other forms inspired from personal anecdotes and introspection. Nara's numerous self- portraits exist as interpretations of different facets of his spiritual self. He paints himself to understand his daily existence, his reactions, and his place within his environment. Influenced by organic and cosmic symbolism, Nara uses eyes and colorful deconstructed forms as stylistic anchors and motifs in creating recognizable characters to represent the deepest parts of his subjects and this world.