Chi Ming was born in 1984 in Yantai, China. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2011, and currently lives in and works in Beijing. His work has been collected by the various collections, including the CAFA Art Museum, and the collection of his teacher, the painter Liu Xiaodong.


Coming from a family of three generations of painters, Chi Ming’s work captures daily scenes from the viewpoint of the young generation of contemporary China with exceptional skill and emotion. He paints his subject matters in private spaces, or captures scenes of daily life in China. He also paints scenes from his childhood, and fading memories of his family, in an attempt to hold on to moments in the passage of time. His work differs greatly from that of his father, and grandfather – while they earned their livings and reputations by painting portraits of Mao and movie posters, Chi Ming is aware of the freedom he has with his brush to express any subject matter he desires. His vibrant and playful paintings of contemporary China chronicle scenes of a life filled with hope, desire, and possibility, laden with an element of nostalgia and an attempt to hold on to the ephemeral moment.