Basmat Levin captures the world’s energy through colors.  Her works were exhibited  at ArtCN Gallery, Leo Gallery, I-GreenShanghai Pujiang Park, Zhoupu Art Museum Why Why Art, Tangram Gallery, Dunhill Twin Villa, Shanghai. Ischam Gallery, 798, Beijing. Leo Gallery, the Baptist University Hong Kong. Art stage Singapore. ML Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium. Israel Opera House  and Frishman 46 Art Space Tel Aviv to name a few.  

Her latest Installations include, ‘Message in a bottle’. A sustainable art installation, printed on recycled ocean plastic bottles fabrics, at  Glam, Shanghai. 1410 Broadway, (ZAZ10TS), a building installation Times Square NYC.  , the MOCA Museum Pavilon, Shanghai, I-Green Pujiang Park, Souzho Village, a 23 x 8 meter “ Magic Wall “ of 60 of her painting. An outdoor building Graffity at the water town Zhujiajiao  and San Juan ,Costa Rica airport.

Her paintings have been featured in major motion pictures, including: “The Upside“ “Dinner Rush” and “Suburban Girl” among others.