Aboudia creates multi-layered paintings offering a simultaneity of images and meanings that conduct a continuous discourse with each other and with the viewer. In any glance Aboudia takes the viewer's eye in from one layer to another which is soon overcome by the next. We are aware of the vivid, brutal pageant of contemporary Africa that Aboudia is weaving before us like a fabric of consciousness - soldiers, skulls, African fetishes, flashes of street life - expressed with a naif vitality. The surfaces deploy fragments, cuttings, from bits of comic strips, magazine ads, newspaper images, which Aboudia masterfully sets into the paintings' overall compositions so as to suggest current events cohering through the imagination into a troubled and troubling vision.


Aboudia's gift of cohesion transforms chaos into vitality, painful events to esthetic redemption, so one is able to see the whole as a changeable tide forever renewing hope.