Lan Zhenghui was born in 1959 in Sichuan, China. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1987, and currently lives and works in Beijing, China. His work has been collected by museums, universities, and is part of private collections. 


Occupying the esthetic confluence between traditional Chinese ink painting and Western abstract expressionism, Lan Zhenghui’s work reinvents both. He lets the ink follow and discover its own momentum in bold, kinetic, strokes. He has liberated ink from being determined by form. But the spirits of Chinese landscape linger like ghosts in the canvas. They haunt both the process – the brushstrokes, the vectoring – and the resulting shapes. Mountains, rivers, storms, even figures, surge and evaporate subliminally. It was said of the Fauvists and Matisse that they had liberated color from the imperatives of form tantamount to Lan's accomplishment with ink.