The Last Word

Installation Views

The end is nigh… of 2021.

2021: A year of expansion, contraction, and expansion yet again. Hope, disappointment, mayhem, growth, love, heartbreak, health, death, and new life all coexisting in a vast and unpredictable present. Uncertainty and anxiety continue to be at the forefront of our personal collective experience, though they have slowly been whittled away by the hope that the tide of the pandemic is beginning to recede.


We continue to be hopeful that the opportunity to rethink our values and reorganize as a society will not be lost as we move through such a traumatic collective experience, and we hope that in 2022 we will see the fruits of this opportunity blossom. From all of us at Ethan Cohen Gallery, we wish you a wonderful period of growth and reflection, and a happy New Year.


Ethan Cohen Gallery is pleased to present its final group show of the year, co-curated by Lara Kamhi and Ethan Cohen, which focuses on artists who challenge the status quo and bring new ideas into the dialogue of our society. This is an exhibition and an open dialogue, with the artists questioning our societal norms in the hope of being part of the conversation on how we move forward in a post-pandemic future. We hope you enjoy The Last Word, featuring works by:



Ai Weiwei

Akito Nara

Alejandro Dron

Anna Navasardian

Austin Stiegemeier

Basmat Levin

Bianca Kann

Bian Hong

Chi Ming

Didi Suydam

Edwin Schlossberg

Emil Alzamora

Gan Yu

Gonçalo Mabunda

Jason Peters

Jeannie Weissglass

Jeffrey Spencer Hargrave

Jim Peters

Joan Lebold Cohen

Johan Wahlstrom

Katya Kulyzhka

Lara Birgit Kamhi

Li Daiyun

Liu Xiaodong

Liu Xiaohui

Luke Randall

Mina Cheon

Nora Cohen

Paul Thiesing

Peter Diepenbrock

Raul De Lara

Rafael Fuchs

Ron English

Sacha Cohen

Sherry Kerlin

Thomas Deininger

Yigal Ozeri

Yiting Zhao