Turkey–Syria Earthquake Relief: Benefit Auction 2023: On view March 30 – April 1


Turkey–Syria Earthquake Relief: Benefit Auction 2023


Live on Artsy: March 28 – April 11, 2023

On View at Ethan Cohen Gallery: March 30 – April 1, 2023

Reception: March 30, 6 – 9 PM

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Artsy, Ethan Cohen Gallery and Elma (artist-run initiative), are pleased to announce the Turkey + Syria Earthquake Relief Benefit Auction to aid earthquake relief efforts. Over eighty global artists have generously donated artworks to support Turkish Philanthropy Funds and Open Arms to help those in immediate and long-term need.
Artsy is hosting the online auction from March 28th to April 11th, 2023, and the exhibition will be held on March 30th through April 1st at Ethan Cohen Gallery located at 251 West 19th Street. The reception will take place March 30th, 6 – 9 pm. RSVP here.
The series of earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria have caused the loss of thousands of lives and the destruction of multiple cities, leaving survivors to suffer immeasurable loss. The years of unrest make the region even more sensitive, and we invite your support during our shared grief and solidarity efforts. After conversations with artists, academics, and aid workers from the region, it is important for us to deliver aid to the survivors, work with local organizations that are sensitive to marginalized communities, and provide transparent reporting.
All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the following organizations:
Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) is a reputable US public charity that has been collaborating with carefully vetted NGOs on the ground to identify the needs of those affected by the earthquake. TPF has initiated the allocation of funds for immediate aid to earthquake survivors and is committed to offering ongoing support for their recovery and reconstruction efforts. TPF maintains transparency by providing clear reports on the distribution of contributions.
Open Arms is an NGO that provides aid to civil society in northwest Syria, especially in areas that get little or no aid. Its current focus is supporting medical needs in the region. These areas in northwest Syria have been heavily affected by 12 years of war and blockade, and are currently exasperated by the recent earthquakes. We sincerely thank you for your support.
Best regards,
Ethan Cohen Gallery Team + Elma (artist-run initiative)
Aboudia, Ahmet Civelek, Alejandro Avakian, Alejandro Dron, Alexandra Rubinstein, Alice Finnerty, Anna Navasardian, Aslı Narin, Atalay Yavuz, Austin Stiegemeier, Ayşe Şirin Budak, Barry L. Mason, Barış Göktürk, Basmat Levin, Begüm Yamanlar, Benjamin Staker, Brad Phillips, Burak Arıkan, Charlotte Fox, Chie Fueki, Civan Özkanoğlu, Daniel Boccato, Dietrich Ian Lafferty, Donna Mikkelsen, Eda Gecikmez, Edward Akrout, Edwin Schlossberg, Ege Okal, Ekin Balcıoğlu, Elif Uras, Ellen Siebers, Emil Alzamora, Ethan Cohen, Frank Egloff, Gan Yu, Güneş Terkol, Idil Ilkin, Ignacio González-Lang, Jared Oppenheim, Jeannie Weissglass, Jeffrey Spencer Hargrave, Jim Peters, Joel Sternfeld, Johan Wahlstrom, Jordan Wolfson, Joseph Ayers, Katinka Huang, Kyvèli Zoi, Laleh Khorramian, Lara Birgit Kamhi, Lara Ögel, Lesley Bodzy, Loren Erdrich, Masha Rudenko, Matt Kinney, Mika Rottenberg, Naoto Nakagawa, Nilüfer Kozikoğlu | Sera İlel, Ola Rondiak, Ómò Oba (HRH) Adétòmíwá A. Gbadébò, Onur Gökmen, Peter Hristoff, Pınar Yolaçan, Pınar Yoldaş, Rafael Fuchs, Raul de Lara, Rehan Miskçi, Ron English, Sacha Cohen, Sarp Kerem Yavuz, Sean Bluechel, Selim Süme, Serkan Özkaya, Sevinç Çalhanoğlu, Sharon Kendrick, Sherry Kerlin, Sung Hwa Kim, Thomas Martinez Pilnik, Toygun Özdemir, Vahap Avşar, Viola Yeşiltaç, Véréna Paravel, Wendy White, Yigal Ozeri
Special thanks to Linda Norden, Mari Spirito, Monira Foundation, Eileen Kaminsky Foundation, and Artsy.