Ethan Cohen at Horasis: Decolonizing Western Narratives of Art

The history of art has long been dominated by the inescapable shadow of colonization, where art paid tribute to the Western colonial tradition and was hailed supreme by the elites. How to enter a new chapter of appreciation for decolonizing identity in non-Western art, reflecting the diversity of each artist’s own character? What would it mean to make space for a different kind of artistic expression?

• Natalie Ball, Interdisciplinary Artist, USA

• Vinnie Bagwell, Artist, USA

• Suzanne Broughel, Artist, USA

• Annie Buckley, Professor, San Diego State University, USA

• Mina Cheon, New Media Artist, Korea; Associate Dean FYE, Maryland Institute College of Art, USA

Chaired by Ethan Cohen, Founder, Ethan Cohen Gallery, USA