Yu Hanyu in Fronterad Digital Magazine

Thank you to Jonathan Goodman for this excellent writeup on Yu Hanyu's solo exhibition at Ethan Cohen Kube, Force of Nature: The Power of the Brush.

"The magnificent work in ink titled Lonely Soul, Cold Mountain, and Freezing Rocks (2018) (Lonely soul, cold mountain and frozen rocks) implicates us in a similar way, so that what appear tall and thin evergreens on a ridge, illuminated by a partially painted moon, conveys nature in a melancholy way. The composition is magnificent because of its irregular design, which fills the void with forms that enhance the structure of nature. And yes: here there is also a feeling of enormous isolation, which could be the emotional projection of the artist himself or the consequence of the scene, intensely described, of mountain ridges, pines and waters. Yu [Hanyu] has the great gift of identifying with fluidity what he paints, so the solitude expressed in the title could be a fusion between the personal feeling and the nature that embodies that feeling."


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