Mina Cheon's "Eat Choco·Pie Together" Take a Bite for Peace, Art for Healing, Koreas U

Art Diplomacy brings North and South Korea Closer Together.

Ethan Cohen Gallery is pleased to congratulate Mina Cheon aka Kim il Soon on her incredible installation as part of the 2018 Busan Biennale. The turnout and reception have been fantastic and we are especially honored that President Moon Jae-in and Mayor Oh Keo-don were able to visit the Biennale and participate by eating Choco-Pie. Cheon believes that “by tasting choco pie, [the participants] are able to concentrate on how North Koreans also have desire and love”. The shared experience of eating a sweet, nostalgic, dessert reminds us of our shared humanity.

Mina Cheon has made art that aims to bring reunification to the Koreas for several years. The videos shown at both the Busan Biennale, and previously at Ethan Cohen Gallery, are mini lessons on contemporary art history that were smuggled into North Korea on USB drives. Most North Koreans only have exposure to propagandistic social realism and Cheon's lessons offer opportunities to learn about the possibilities of art and creativity.

Image Courtesy of The Blue House

Image courtesy of The Blue House

We would like to thank the many outlets, both Korean and American, that have covered this work:






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