EXPO Astana, Kazakhstan. Andrew Rogers Unfurling Energy Unveiled



“Unfurling Energy” by Andrew Rogers

at the EXPO ASTANA 2017 Kazakhstan

Opening ceremony: JUNE 10, 2017

Ethan Cohen Gallery is proud to announce in association with EXPO ASTANA the unveiling of the 12 meter monumental sculpture “Unfurling Energy” by Andrew Rogers in Astana, Kazakhstan. Rogers is a leading land-artist and has worked with wind energy since his 1996 bronze and silver sculpture series entitled “Catching Wind”. Two decades later, “Unfurling Energy” is to be exhibited in context of EXPO’s mission to ensure sustainable access to energy while reducing CO2 emissions. The international exposition, which centers around the theme of “Future Energy,” is aimed at exploring innovative energy alternatives, and is scheduled to take place between June 10th and September 10th 2017. The sculpture stands 12 meters in height and is the largest bronze and stainless steel contemporary artwork that Rogers has made to date.

Working large-scale is not new to Rogers: his ongoing, global project entitled “Rhythms of Life” is the world’s largest land art undertaking. The project, which commenced in 1998, consists of 51 geoglyphs spanning 16 countries on seven continents. Near a castle in Slovakia, he constructed a horse out of stone, inspired by an image on a 2,000-year-old coin found nearby; in Kenya, he designed a lion’s paw; in Bolivia, concentric circles. At each location, he collaborates with community members and regional museums, exploring a symbol that accurately represents local culture.

Rogers’ “Unfurling Energy” is a permanent sculpture commission in Astana, Kazakhstan.

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