Banksy’s Dismaland Opens Featuring Artist Greg Haberny

Dismaland, the latest prank installation by Banksy, which opened recently in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, in the southwest of England. Works by 58 artists, including Ethan Cohen New York artitst Greg Habery. Banksy said he contacted the "best artists I could imagine," to exhibit.

Influenced by his background in filmmaking, New York based artist Greg Haberny's goal for his installations is to transform the gallery space into an all-encompassing experience of sight and sound. The production and direction of installations echoes his personal background in filmmaking while allowing strong personal expression and freedom with all forms of artistic medium. With cultural iconography and a sardonic sense of humor, Haberny’s installations engulf and challenge viewers, exaggerating the circus-like frenzy of media and marketing of fear in contemporary American society.

Haberny produces individual pieces that he then incorporates into larger installations. His process involves cutting, scraping, and affixing painted and found elements including vintage comics, pin-up girls, and advertisements to create heavily worked pieces that retain the evidence of damage or trauma. Thus his works evoke the pained physicality of bruises and broken bones, which reflects the shattered cultural makeup of our contemporary wasteland.

It is not the first time Banksy and Haberny have worked together, back in 2010 Haberny was included in Banksy’s ‘Marks and Stencils’ pop up shop on Berwick Street in Soho, alongside other names including Dran, 3D Del Naja and Sickboy.

To view more works by Greg Haberny, please visit the artist page!greg-haberny/c136c

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