LI LIN   李林



1970 born in Qinghai China.

Li attended the renowned art academy The Central Academy of Arts and Design in China where he graduated with a MA degree in 1996. Then he attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where he obtained a MFA degree in Graphic Design in 2007.  After graduating, he shifted his career from graphic design to fine art by enrolling in the School of Art and Art History at University of South Florida where he obtained his oil painting MFA degree in 2011.


Li’s decision to change from a graphic designer to fine artist meant that he had to give up something he had already achieved in his life, but he felt that it fit in his specialized artistic form and it complemented his personality. He expresses the true life around him in his paintings without any restraint: people wandering a strange land with wet loneliness; brothel singer's perplexed mask-like faces; all sorts of hard-working Chinese people in America; and the natural expressions of his family members...depressed, happy, ailing and suffering. He doesn’t intend to just tell you a story. Instead, he expects you, as a patient audience, to see the world you might not be familiar with through his eyes.  

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