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Summer Group Show

OPENING RECEPTION: March 5th, 6:30 - 8pm


This exhibit will feature new innovative ink work from some of today’s top Chinese artists: Huang Yan, Cang Xin, Dong Hao,

Hu Youben, Han Weihua, Zhang Tiemei and others.

Ink is the medium that is possibly the most associated with the arts of China. It has been one of the few constant threads in this ever-changing part of the world for thousands of years. Since China’s first introductions to the styles, techniques and subjects of the outside world, their artists have had at an ever-expanding range of creative options. From oils and photography,

to performance and new media, China’s artists today are among the most diverse and innovative. However, each contemporary Chinese artist, regardless of their preferred medium, has worked at some time with ink. Sometimes ink and brush are used in a manner that is more directly linked to the China’s traditional techniques and styles, and sometimes these artists are pushing the boundaries and finding astounding and innovative new ways of working with this medium. More often, though, Chinese artists are synthesizing the old and the new – mediums, styles, influences, messages – into experimental works that can be both powerful and beautiful. Ground breaking and nostalgic at the same time.

In this group exhibition, we would like to showcase new ink work from some of today’s top Chinese artists in “Chinese Contemporary Art: Ink Explosion 2010”. Featured in the show are works that speak of both the beautiful, traditional styles as well as exiting new directions.

This show also marks new directions for Ethan Cohen Fine Arts. We will be holding this show in our NEW LOCATION of 14 Jay

Street, in Tribeca. Over the next month, we will be continuing to move our gallery to this new space located just a few doors East of our current location, 18 Jay Street.