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June 1 - July 14, 2012

ETHAN COHEN FINE ARTS is pleased to present Folding the Image, Unfolding the Real by Korean artist Kim Chun Hwan. This will be his first solo exhibition in New York City.

Kim’s work repurposes the paper advertisements and letters that all too often fill our lives. The bombardment of consumerist stimuli is manipulated to create ornate textures and patterns. Each piece of paper, with its fold, color, and text has its place amid the layers. The depth and scale of Kim’s works are remarkable testaments to the depth and scale of available material for his artistic endeavors.


New York City is a fitting place for Kim’s work to be exhibited because of the direct reflection it has upon the consumer culture of the city, from the individuals who stand on the sidewalks to pass out flyers and menus to being one of the fashion capitals of the world. Kim’s works are extraordinary displays of a transient reality otherwise ignored. KIM CHUN HWAN (b. 1968) currently lives and works in France. Kim holds a B.A.L Fine Arts from Seoul National University, and his work has

predominantly been shown in Europe since 1999.


For additional information, contact (212) 625-1250 or A catalogue with essays by Jonathan Goodman and Lilly Wei is available.


Opening Reception: 


Thursday, October 24, 6-8pm

Ethan Cohen New York

251 W. 19th St.

New York, NY 10011