Heinrich Nicolaus, 1955 born in Munich

Sawan Yawnghwe, 1971 born in Burma



Artists Henrich Nicolaus and Sawan Yawnghwe work together as the duo DORMICE to create paintings featuring famous supermodels, painted by Yawnghwe, over abstract backgrounds emblazoned with text, painted by Nicolaus.  The pair mainly works out of Leonardo DaVinci’s studio in a castle in Tuscany, and paint some of the most beautiful women in all of Italy.  Dormice take heavy influence from fashion magazines, and have even collaborated with Roberto Cavalli and Santo Versace.


The duo insists on taking risks and breaking rules of painting, stating: “If you want to break the rules, you have to deal with everything and with nothing. Nothing is the moment that does not exist, when the painters applies colour on the canvas. In this moment the only thing that exists is the emptiness.”  With this mindset, DORMICE resides between the worlds of fashion and art, taking imagery from both magazine covers and famous master painters, overlaying phrases such as “Fuck You Too, Absolutely No Small Paintings,” and glorifying the commodification of the female body in order to create controversial and memorable compositions. 


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