March 18 - May 26, 2011


Born 1961 Xinjiang, China, Qin Feng graduated from The Academy of Applied Arts in Shandong in 1985. The artist then spent several years living and working in Germany where he lectured at “Hochschule der Kunste.” Qin Feng has established many art groups including the well noted art association Blue in 1987 and staged solo exhibitions in Vienna, Prague, Lisbon and Germany between 1991 and 1993. Since 1984, his works have been collected by many museums and other institutions including the New York Metropolitan Museum Art, The Culture Museum in Shandong, The National Palace of Culture and the US Embassy in Beijing, The National Library of Austria and The Hui Feng Bank in Hong Kong. Qin Feng also featured a special painting installation in the 2007 Moscow Biennale. He was also most notably featured in the 2007 Metropolitan Museum exhibition on Chinese calligraphy as an example of the contemporary direction in brushwork painting and in the Metropolitan's 2006 "Brush and Ink" exhibition curated by Maxwell Hearn.

Qin Feng's bold and highly expressive brushwork both draws on and challenges the traditions of Chinese calligraphy painting with his use of the gestural impulses of Western modernism and action painting. Working in a wide range of media, Qin Feng's paintings on canvas, ceramic, paper and glass combine traditional media of ink with alternative materials such as coffee, tea, whiskey and oil paint. Qin's compositions present a powerful vision of dynamic equilibrium between positive and negative space, gentle and aggressive strokes. This reflects Qin Feng’s interests in the harmony between humans and nature.

Today, Qin Feng is been working and living between Boston and Beijing. In the United States he is involved with several universities and research institutes and in China maintains the MoCA  Beijing and teaches at Beijing's Central Academy of Fine Arts.

This will be Qin Feng's fourth major solo exhibition with Ethan Cohen Fine Arts.