Great article on the late Ivorian artist Frédéric Bruly Bouabré in Hyperallergic. Works by Frédéric Bruly Bouabré are currently on display at Ethan Cohen Gallery. 

"One way Bruly Bouabré preserved Bété culture was by recording Bété heritage and myths in crayon and ink drawings on postcard-sized pieces of paper. The Bété people did not have a writing system for their spoken language, so the artist created one and used it, alon...


Thank you to Jonathan Goodman for this excellent writeup on Yu Hanyu's solo exhibition at Ethan Cohen Kube, Force of Nature: The Power of the Brush.

"The magnificent work in ink titled Lonely Soul, Cold Mountain, and Freezing Rocks (2018) (Lonely soul, cold mountain and frozen rocks) implicates us in a similar way, so that what appear tall and thin evergreens on a ridge, illuminated by a partially painted moon, conveys nature in a...


Ethan Cohen Gallery is pleased to share information about the first exhibition at the Cantor Arts Center devoted solely to contemporary Chinese ink painting. Though the exhibition has passed, it is noteworthy as a historical and remarkably diverse survey of contemporary Chinese ink painting and calligraphy.

Ink Worlds: Contemporary Chinese Painting from the Collection of Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang

Exhibition Dates: May 23–Septem...


We are pleased to congratulate Jeffrey Hargrave on his write up in Salisbury Magazine. A wonderful overview of Jeffrey's career and work from his hometown of Salisbury, just in time for his solo exhibition 'ART HISTORY X' opening October 6th, 2018 at Ethan Cohen Gallery. 


Art Diplomacy brings North and South Korea Closer Together.

Ethan Cohen Gallery is pleased to congratulate Mina Cheon aka Kim il Soon on her incredible installation as part of the 2018 Busan Biennale. The turnout and reception have been fantastic and we are especially honored that President Moon Jae-in and Mayor Oh Keo-don were able to visit the Biennale and participate by eating Choco-Pie. Cheon believes that “by tasting choco pi...


"From Warhol to Wahlstrom: From 60s Celebrity to Today’s Social Media, opening at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, is an immersive exhibition that juxtaposes Andy Warhol’s most iconic celebrity portraits with a new body of work by contemporary Swedish artist Johan Wahlstrom. The exhibition is timed to coincide with the Whitney’s upcoming Warhol retrospective Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again, named for the artist’s playfully subversi...


Art critic Choi Geumsoo writes a solemn review of Mina Cheon's body of work on North Korean awareness projects in an elaborate "Artist Review" featured in Korea's premiere arts monthly magazine Wolgan Misool, June Issue, pages 124-129.

Portrait photo was taken at the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) where Cheon's work is currently on display at the Contemporary Wing and is a part of the BMA collection, by Plaid Photo....


"Visitors to Ethan Cohen’s booth in the Spotlight section of this spring’s Frieze New York fair encountered a captivating selection of Hans Breder’s surreal, mostly chromatically muted photographs and videos. Offsetting those works was an incongruously purple suite of metal furniture used by staff manning the booth. The eye-catching table and chairs were specially created for the space by buzzy — and very busy — Russian-born desi...


Recently announced in Art Forum and Art Asia Pacific, Ethan Cohen Gallery in New York is pleased to share the news of Mina Cheon’s participation in the 2018 Busan Biennale, directed and curated by a dynamic international team of Cristina Ricupero and Jörg Heiser with the biennale’s timely theme on “divided territories.” The exhibition will open from September 8 to November 11 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan and the former...


Ethan Cohen Gallery would like to congratulate Zhang Huan for being the subject of a two-artist exhibition at MoMA PS1, Land: Zhang Huan and Li Binyuan. The exhibition pairs videos and photographs of the early performances of Zhang Huan (b. 1965) with those of more recent performance works by Li Binyuan (b. 1985) to address the changing relationship between the body and land in contemporary China and to reflect on evolving ideas...


One of China’s most influential artists is forty-eight-year-old Qiu Zhijie. A native of southern China’s Fujian province, Qiu studied art in the eastern city of Hangzhou before moving to Beijing in 1994 to pursue a career as a contemporary artist. At the time, contemporary art was illegal in China and artists often lived in villages on the outskirts of town, held underground exhibitions, and were patronized almost exclusively by...


Voice of America interviews Mina Cheon about her new solo exhibition at Ethan Cohen Gallery "UMMA: MASS GAMES - Motherly Love North Korea" https://www.voakorea.com/a/4099128.html


In a bid for a more distinctive international profile, Kazakhstan is hosting Expo 2017 through September 10. The arts-and-industry event is sited on the outskirts of Astana, surrounded by ongoing construction projects, reminding visitors that the city is still in active development. Designated the national capital in 1997, six years after Kazakhstan declared its independence from the Soviet Union, Astana is the country’s second l...


Congratulations to Mina Cheon on an excellent article on Artsy discussing her upcoming solo exhibition at Ethan Cohen Gallery opening October 20th:


"The way the project speaks directly to North Koreans is people is a crucial reminder of their humanity at a moment when the President of the United States has threatened to wipe the co...


"È l’artista dei primati Andew Rogers: il suo “Rhythms of Life” è una costellazione di 51 massicce sculture (dette geoglifi) disseminate nei continenti. Land Art che abbraccia tutto il globo e che si può vedere da un satellite a 770 km sopra di noi. Un progetto che racconta di un gigantismo senza precedenti e che ha coinvolto 7’500 persone in 16 nazioni, dall’esercito cinese ai Masai.

Ho incontrato Rogers durante il suo viaggio eu...

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