Thank you to Anthony Haden-Guest for this great article discussing Johan's Wahlstrom's solo exhibition at Ethan Cohen KuBe. 

"There are artists who like to investigate what they can do with current tech, the way Warhol made movies, as David Hockney has used video and seemingly just about any device that comes his way, as Richard Prince uses Instagram and as a slew of artists are using Photoshop but not that many artists have thoug...



Born in Abidjan (the capital of Ivory Coast) in 1983, ABOUDIA produces lively and childlike paintings that seem loosely inspired by the works of Jean Dubuffet and Jean-Michel Basquiat. ABOUDIA is one of the few African Contemporary artists to have gallery representation in both Britain (the Jack Bell Gallery in London) and the US (the Ethan Cohen Gallery in New York). His giant mural-like paintings are borrowed from the g...

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