One artist works with defunct weapons, transforming obsolete AK-47s and soldiers' boots into elaborate thrones and evocative masks. Another uses local textiles to explore the slippery ground between figuration and abstraction. A third folds his self-portraits into vibrant commentaries on current events, at once humorous and urgent. There is no common thread of African art, no predominant theme, medium or tone. 

As Nigerian ar...


The exhibition will be the first US survey of the art of China-born, Queens-based artist Zhang Hongtu. Zhang Hongtu left China in 1982 to find greater artistic freedom and is perhaps best known for his “Mao” series, a group of works responding to the ubiquitous images of Mao Ze Dong. Zhang studied traditional Chinese painting both in Beijing and in New York, as well as Western Art history and Popular Art after arriving in New Yor...

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