Jeffrey Spencer Hargrave in Salisbury Magazine

We are pleased to congratulate Jeffrey Hargrave on his write up in Salisbury Magazine. A wonderful overview of Jeffrey's career and work from his hometown of Salisbury, just in time for his solo exhibition 'ART HISTORY X' opening October 6th, 2018 at Ethan Cohen Gallery.

Mina Cheon's "Eat Choco·Pie Together" Take a Bite for Peace, Art for Healing, Koreas U

Art Diplomacy brings North and South Korea Closer Together. Ethan Cohen Gallery is pleased to congratulate Mina Cheon aka Kim il Soon on her incredible installation as part of the 2018 Busan Biennale. The turnout and reception have been fantastic and we are especially honored that President Moon Jae-in and Mayor Oh Keo-don were able to visit the Biennale and participate by eating Choco-Pie. Cheon believes that “by tasting choco pie, [the participants] are able to concentrate on how North Koreans also have desire and love”. The shared experience of eating a sweet, nostalgic, dessert reminds us of our shared humanity. Mina Cheon has made art that aims to bring reunification to the Koreas for s

'From Warhol to Wahlstrom' in Whitehot

"From Warhol to Wahlstrom: From 60s Celebrity to Today’s Social Media, opening at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, is an immersive exhibition that juxtaposes Andy Warhol’s most iconic celebrity portraits with a new body of work by contemporary Swedish artist Johan Wahlstrom. The exhibition is timed to coincide with the Whitney’s upcoming Warhol retrospective Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again, named for the artist’s playfully subversive autobiography. Both artists examine the construction of modern celebrity from two sides of a fundamental chasm between the analogue and digital worlds. Warhol explored the spectacle of twentieth-century High Modernism, while Wahlstrom responds to the dawn of the u

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