Voice of America - Interview with Mina Cheon

Voice of America interviews Mina Cheon about her new solo exhibition at Ethan Cohen Gallery "UMMA: MASS GAMES - Motherly Love North Korea" https://www.voakorea.com/a/4099128.html

Art in America on Andrew Rogers' EXPO Installation

In a bid for a more distinctive international profile, Kazakhstan is hosting Expo 2017 through September 10. The arts-and-industry event is sited on the outskirts of Astana, surrounded by ongoing construction projects, reminding visitors that the city is still in active development. Designated the national capital in 1997, six years after Kazakhstan declared its independence from the Soviet Union, Astana is the country’s second largest city; Almaty, the former capital, remains the preeminent metropolis and cultural heart. The first such global extravaganza to be held in a post-Soviet nation, Expo 2017 reportedly cost between $1.3 billion and $5 billion. That’s far less than Shanghai’s $50 bi

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