Artists Tackle Social Justice, Politics, and Environmentalism in Baltimore’s Newest Festival

Light City Baltimore promises to be a spectacle of innovation, creativity, and ideas. Downtown businesses are hopeful that the 5 million dollar festival will attract thousands of consumers to the area, especially after a loss of income after the Uprising last spring. You might assume that Light City will embrace technological innovation but keep content *lite* in order to appeal to the masses without upsetting anyone. You might think that the artists picked and funded to participate in the festival would be encouraged to avoid the serious social, economic, and environmental issues that fuel much of contemporary art, especially in Baltimore. However, BOPA’s national committee of jurors who se

Lan Zhenghui's new installation "Ink Monument" debuts at Art Central Hong Kong

Hong Kong.- Lan Zhenghui, one of China’s leading contemporary artists, debuts his majestic new installation Ink Monument at Art Central Hong Kong presented by Ethan Cohen New York, on view through March 26 at the iconic Central Harbourfront. Commissioned by Art Central’s selection committee, Lan Zhenghui’s installation towers more than five meters high, with colossal four-sided column of large-scale ink paintings on rice paper. The artist created his new master-work to express the power of sadness and an epic awareness of tragedy. After Hong Kong Art Week, the artist will next embark on a U.S. tour that includes a second residency at Mana Contemporary co-sponsored by Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, a

How to make it as an artist in New York

It took Deshawn Dumas a decade to make a single significant sale. In 2015, a gallery representing the now-32-year-old visual artist sold three of his bold, colorful abstract paintings that feature quotes from Enlightenment thinkers. Peggy Cooper Cafritz, an influential collector and former president of the D.C. Board of Education, purchased one called Till the summer in the city (Get Free). Dumas netted about $25,000 for the works. He estimates that he broke even after accounting for labor and materials, but he feels his career is gaining momentum. “This is the first time where I have a market, sort of,” he said over beer in the apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, that doubles as his studio

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