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The KuBe (Kunsthalle Beacon) repurposes the site of a former high school as a space to promote the international exchange of culture and art, as well as unite local and global artists in a community forum.  


Acting as a platform for artists to continually create and present work to collectors, curators, and fellow artists, the KuBe also supports emerging artists through work spaces, residencies, and exhibitions for the Beacon and New York arts community. The KuBe encompasses the Beacon location of Ethan Cohen Gallery, experimental art spaces, 48 artists' studios, and commercial office spaces, The Turbine special projects room, the Zhu Chongmao and Zheng Ruyu Theater, and the Jerome A. Cohen and Joan Lebold Cohen Art Center comprise the remainder of the space.  Future developments for the KuBe include an art café and a gallery concept store. The sprawling landscape and natural beauty of the historic Hudson Valley make the KuBe an ideal site for lectures and performances, film screenings, and avant-garde experiments amidst a growing artistic community.


We wish to extend an invitation to the Beacon community to participate in the growth of this important incubator for the next generation of promising local and international artists.  Please join us in support of emerging artists and established artists from the U.S., Africa, China, and beyond.